Thursday, January 8, 2009

First Appointment

So today I went to the Doctor for my first of many to come times to have blood drawn. I'm not gonna lie, three vials later I was feeling a bit queasy! lol This whole "not doing well with the site of blood" thing is going to be quite interesting during this pregnancy and especially delivery. I'm sure the pain I will be feeling that day, though, will succumb to any nausea I have over blood!!
I would like to try to have him/her all natural, but am also definitely not against drugs if I think need be.
I did not meet with my Doctor today, just with the nurse who drew my blood. My appointment with the doctor will be next Friday the 16th. If my levels are low they will call me. If not my doctor will go over everything on Friday.
Saturday I will be 5 weeks & according to everything I've read it's heart will start forming & beating this week or next!! I never thought I would fall in love with someone so quickly! && who's only the size of a sesame seed!! Here's a pic of a 5 week old baby.


  1. I can't believe my baby is having a baby!

  2. just wait the violation has only just begun. you won't even think twice about a needle when they get done with you! you body is about to endure the greatest transformation it has ever seen i hope you are ready!!! d

  3. You don't really see any blood, or at least if you do you are so wrapped in the baby that you don't notice it! Give me the word and I can be there in the room with you if you want! :0) Mel

  4. Hi, GREAT page, youre so creative!! I agree with Dana, dont worry about the small stuff! Enjoy every minute! xoxo